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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2020 Written Update – Preesha and Rudraksh come closer while Yuvraaj gears up for some new mischief

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2020

The episode begins with Rudraksh looking for Balraj, when he is not found anywhere in the house Rudra concludes that Balraj was the one who kidnapped Saransh. Mishika and Ahana try to sneak out of the house but are unable to. Preesha follows Rudra and tells him they cannot make such huge allegations without any proof. Just then Niketan comes there and asks what is going on? Rudra is about to tell him about Balraj but Preesha stops him and tells him that they were looking for Balraj to discuss something about finding Saransh. Niketan’s secretary tells them that she heard Balraj talking on phone that he was going to office to scan some papers. Niketan tells Preesha to inform him if there is any news about Saransh and leaves. Rudraksh says he is going to the office and Preesha follows him while Sharada prays for Saaransh’s safety and that Rudraksh and Balraj don’t get into a fight.

Ahana after witnessing all this gets frustrated about not going out on the other hand Mishika is furious seeing Rudra and Preesha together and asks Ahana to conceive an elaborate plan to get Preesha thrown out of the house. Yuvraaj thinks he has worked out a brilliant plan by stealing money from G.P.S which will result in him landing in jail. He calls up Vasudha to find out if his plan has worked out or not? She answers and he tells her he had a bad dream about G.P.S and wants to find out how he was. Vasudha tells him G.P.S is sleeping and she is not going to wake him up and asks Yuvraaj not to call. Yuvraaj thinks he will have to go there and see for himself what is going on.

Balraj is at some place and thinks it was good that he got out and thinks the first step is over and the next thing is to order children’s’ clothes. He orders clothes online. Preesha tries to stop Rudraksh from going into the office and he berates her for accompanying him. The peon informs Rudra that his father is not in the office, Rudra then quickly thinks and tells him that he needs a file from the office. The peon refuses saying his father has asked him not to allow anyone, Rudra threatens him and asks him to inform father if he wishes.

Rudra and Preesha go into the office and Rudra ask peon to get him some water. He looks at Balraj’s laptop and thinks about unlocking the screen just then a notification pops up stating that the order for children’s’ clothes has been placed. Preesha informs Rudra that it is the same site from where she orders Saaransh’s clothes. He asks her if she believes him at least now that Balraj is the one who kidnapped Saransh. Preesha tells Rudra to take the laptop with them he says what about the guard? She hides the laptop under her dress and they get out of the office. 

Saransh is locked up in a store room and is screaming for his mom and Preesha to save him, just then the door opens and the lady in red saree opens the door. Saransh asks her to let him go and that he would not tell anyone, she makes him drink a glass of water after which he faints.

Rudra and Preesha along with Sharada find out the delivery address for the clothes is a hotel and Rudraksh calls up the hotel to get the information but fails. Preesha then says that they will go to the hotel stay in the lobby and follow the delivery guy. Rudra agrees that is a good plan. Sharada asks them to go and sleep and that she would stay awake and wake them up so they are not late in the morning. Both Preesha and Rudra ask her to take rest as she is not well. 

Rudra is about to leave the room but Preesha stops and asks him to stay in the same room as she will get restless without Saransh. He agrees and asks her to sleep, Preesha thinks to herself that she failed in taking care of Saransh and asks Mahima to forgive her. Rudra thinks he failed in protecting Saransh and asks Rajeev to forgive him. Preesha and Rudra share a moment and he asks her to go to sleep and that everything will be alright. 

The precap shows Rudra informing Preesha that Balraj has cancelled the order, she asks why and he answers that it the guard might have informed him that they took the laptop. Vasudha promises Yuvraaj that she will get him and Preesha married at any cost.

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