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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 14th July: Saaransh plans to bring Preesha and Rudraksh closer while Ahana and Mishika stir up some trouble for Preesha!


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 14th July written update

The episode starts with Mishika sarcastically apologizing for dropping the tray and disturbing them. Preesha explains that it was nothing like that and she was only trying to teach Rudraksh how to mop the floor. Later, Preesha is seen telling Saaransha bedtime story when he discovers she has cut her finger and rushes to aid her despite her refusal that it’s just a small cut. Rudraksh comes there and asks them what they are up to? Saaransh tells him that Preesha’s hand is cut. He asks Preesha to show her hand to Rudra, he sees and makes an exaggerated show that her hand would have to be cut off which scares Saaransh. Preesha tells Saaransh that Rudra is just having fun. Rudra then agrees and starts tickling Saaransh eventually Saaransh and Preesha together gang up on Rudra. Afterwards Rudra leaves to sleep in his room.

Preesha tries waking Rudra up at 2AM and he mumbles something about her not leaving him alone even in his dreams.He wakes and asks why is she ready and if she is leaving the house? She asks him to stop dreaming and tells him that she has to go to the hospital and does not know when she will be back, thus she asks him to wake Saaransh up in the morning for his workshop. He agrees she then asks him to go and sleep in Saaransh’s’ room.

Preesha comes back from the hospital goes to Saaransh’s room. She finds Rudraksh still asleep while Saaransh is not in the room. She wakes Rudraksh up by drenching him with a glass of water and accuses him of being irresponsible. They find a note from Saaransh saying that he is going for a walk with Niketan granddad and would we back soon. Preesha receives a call that Saaransh is being excluded from the workshop as a result of which they begin to argue. They simultaneously receive a text from Saaransh stating that he is fed up of their fighting and now both of them will be punished for the same.

Preesha and Rudra begin looking for Saaransh and ask Sharada if she knows where he is. She refuses to tell and shows them a video of Saaransh in which he tells them that they would have to stop fighting and share five of their personal things with each other. He also adds that it is their task as well as punishment and if they fail to do it, they will not find him. Preesha and Rudraksh both think they would do anything rather than share their personal information with the other. Rudraksh tells Preesha that he is superstar, handsome, has swag, can sing well, girls are crazy for him and would do anything. She answers that those are the things which everyone knows and he has to tell her things unknown to everyone.

Ahana receives a call from the school principal and they discuss about starting online classes for the students and she tells the principal that she is about to make a video on the same. In the meanwhile, Mishika comes there wearing a necklace and asks Ahana why she is stressing so much on her wearing the necklace to which Ahana answers, to make Preesha’s life hell. She makes the video with Mishika appearing at the end with her necklace on full display. Vasudha sees the video and wonders how Mishika is wearing her necklace.

Rudraksh asks Preesha to write down that she would never reveal anything he says to anyone including the media other than Saaransh and sign it. She refuses and asks him if does not trust her? He says after what all you did to my brother….no I don’t. She snaps at him signs the paper saying she is doing it for Saaransh and reveals that her favorite color is green. He gets surprised and asks ‘what?’ She says since you are reluctant to start, I did, my favorite color is green and no one knows it. Rudra reveals that he does not like lizards and cockroaches which she interprets as he being afraid of them. She teases him about it and they chase each other. Sharada witnesses this and calls Saaransh that his plan is working and they are laughing together.

Ahana tells Mishika that she has sent the video to everyone including Vasudha. She feels happy wondering how Vasudha would be feeling seeing her chain with Mishika. Mishika questions Ahana how she got hold of Vasudha’s necklace and she asks her to wait for the big reveal.

The precap shows Saaransh hiding from a lady clad in red saree who manages to drag him away. Rudraksh and Preesha keep looking for Saaransh. Rudra tries to manage a hysterical Preesha who eventually looses her consciousness.




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