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Zayn Malik Reacts To The Adorable Baby Bump

Zayn Malik is over the moon for becoming a father. With Gigi’s pregnancy, a lot of attention has been given to her, on the other hand, I think we should look at how Zayn’s been feeling lately.

It has been reported that he is very excited to become a father. He cannot help but smile at that fact. This news has indeed put a smile back on Zayn’s face and he is once again pulling himself together quite well. During the pregnancy, Zayn is treating Gigi like a princess, taking care of all her needs, and running after her constantly. He sure will make a fine father.

Gigi always wanted to have a family with Zayn. Now that the couple is pregnant, they are happy and in love more than ever. Although a while ago there was a little controversy regarding Gigi hiding her baby bump. Well, now it has been settled. Gigi finally showed her belly to the world on a live video on Instagram. Here’s the clip that Alyssa Bailey posted on her twitter.

In the live video, she justified it by saying that she doesn’t think that her pregnancy is the most important thing in the world right now. With so much going around, the pandemic, the BLM(Black Lives Matter) movement, Gigi was very sensible to think of it. However, there was also hype for the baby bump so now she had to talk about it.

Gigi’s mom said that the baby is due in September. It does not seem that far now Soon we will have an adorable little Gigi or little Zayn. The couple was earlier expecting a boy but then it was reported that it is a girl. We aren’t sure about it though. However, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is healthy.

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